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When starting to work on a new website design, I will choose a Wix template that matches the layout I want to end up with. It doesn’t have to be from the category I’m working on- but since I did my research and know where I want to go, it’s better to start from a template that has that same layout.

I chose the Personal Trainer template for my restaurant website. And here are my 3 steps:


I will go into every text box on my website and start by adding my content, than change my font to match my brand style, for instance if I have Pacifica condensed on my restaurant menu, I can use it as my page title style.

I will change other fonts as well - and don’t forget to click the “Save Theme” button and see the change throughout your website and adjust your text boxes.


Each template has it’s own unique color palette that was created for it by the designer that built it. I can go into any component and change the color - like on this strip.

I can do it manually - but an easier way would be to click on the “Change” link next to the site colors, which opens up many color palette presets but also lets me change manually just parts of the current palette. I’m going to go ahead and change this column to match my brand. I can put in the Hex# or RGB or HSB to my choice or just use it manually. You can see that each component that uses the colors from this column will also change automatically.


Next I’m going to change all the images on my website to the images that I’ve already uploaded from my computer.

First - I want to change the text I have on my page and on this button. I will not go into each and every text box right now.

Than I would change the page background, I can use one of the many presets designed by Wix, but in my case I want to upload a video of a grill that I have on my computer. I can go into settings and customize it to match the style I want.

After that - all I have to do is to change the images on the website for my own. I have prepared a folder in which I’ve uploaded all the images I need for my website and you can see that if I preview it now I can’t see the personal trainer template anymore. It all has to do with your content!

Lastly - if I would like to add new things to my site, just use the Add Menu - that + icon on the left. There are so many beautiful presets there. For example - I will add a preset strip of a team to add details of my chef under my about section.

I will just change the images and texts, I can even crop and zoom in on the images without needing to use photoshop. And that’s done! Now just save and publish your website and you’re good to go!

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