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Studio E is an Architectural  and Interio Design studio led by Ella Cohen Dubnov and Hilla Eshet who brings into creation beautiful homes for their clients.

The best thing about working with Ella and Hilla was their desire for details and good flow of design, you can see all the good choices they have on the homes they design - reflect back to the site design.

You can visit the website here >


Weger Group is a group of 4 companies that specialise in locating and initiating real-estate projects, holdings and financial management.

The best thing with working on this project was that it is a family business, and you can really feel the intimacy and personality that goes into seeing a few generations working together with much care while being very professional.

You can visit the website here >


Merav is a very professional hard working lawyer which I was very lucky to have met and work with.

She has great clientele, but didn't have any online presence yet, only on directories that she didn't even know she appears in.

Merav wrote great content in no time and together we've created her online presence and brought it to life, it was a real pleasure to see how fast she climbed to the first page on google!

You can visit her website here >


UR Platform is a multi disciplinary urban planning office that deals with the contemporary city life. The office is a frame for interdisciplinary activities from strategy through architecture and urban landscape design and much more. 

Working with professional architects with re-designing their website in a very short time frame, was an educating process, since they came with a very solid vision of the website they want to have, the work was faster and efficient, while at the same time very warm and personal.


Rachel is a freelance Jewish education consultant in curriculum development for Israel and Holocaust education. She engages audiences worldwide through innovative presentations built around the stories, poems and songs of Israel’s best writers. 

Working with Rachel was both inspiring and very easy. Her honesty and amazing work ethics was an inspiration and made my work much more simple. 


IPI Israel Ltd is an integrator of traffic solutions, . The company focuses on quality traffic solutions like: parking solutions, traffic lights, road lightning and electric vehicle charging Stations.

When working on re-designing their website it, the challenge was showcasing the company's versatile fields of expertise while not creating an overload of information for the site visitor.
The whole design and content strategy process was over all interesting and a good and complex.

You can visit the website here >


AES is a company that works on amazing projects in various sizes of with companies worldwide! They work on many different industry fields, military, agriculture, medical and more.

It was very special to work on this project, when needing to face many challenges including helping them write all the content and taking the pictures in their offices.


Anat is an amazing coach for pre and after birth. She also coaches for personal life and business coach.

Working with her on her website was a great experience since she comes from the media and her content strategy and vision for her business was very clear, which made her online presence easy to handle. 


Working with this amazing group of swimmers that had decided to break a world record by swimming in open water from Cyprus to Israel had been an inspiration to me.

They did complete what they had set themselves to do in 2014.



Helping a young start-up in the ​energy field was an amazing challenge, we wanted to look professional yet give the feeling of possibilities in an easy on the eye way. we managed to do so with a lot of good work and cooperation from the CEO.


RISH is a bridal boutique that specialise in modern wedding gown boho - glam with a touch rustic - chic. They sell their gowns world wide and are their gowns are adored by many women.

Working on this project with going into e-commerce, the challenges were different. The need for several solutions forced us to use Wix Code in order to costumize some elements to fit the client's need.

You can visit the website here >


Part of my work at the WixHub as Head of Internal and Partner Training was teaching young entrepreneurs from the accelerator program by Gvahim/The Nest. I had worked with them on their online presence and had built a course to match their needs as new SMBs.

You can visit the website here >

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