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My name is Elad Adar Ozeri & for the past 18 years I have been working as a graphic designer and art director. Throughout all of that time I found myself teaching students or SMBs various subjects that had to do with design is some way.

I was very lucky to have worked at Wix for 8 years, starting as a freelance photographer and designer in the all design fields needed, marketing, UX/UI, template creation, but as always found myself training all the new designers while managing Wix’s designers intern programs for two years.

When I decided to focus on my passion of teaching people how to create a better online presence, I joined and helped develop WixEd, online courses that gives anyone the ability to better improve their online presence or to even become a Wix Webmaster or a Wix Certified Trainer.

Later on I’ve moved on to become the head of internal and partner training at Wix, I have trained hundreds of SMBs and Wix employees on various subjects, Content Strategy, SEO, Design and Social Networks. I am very passionate about helping SMBs become more successful through their website and online presence, and making the internet better by creating a well designed websites with high quality content.

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